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"It has been really exciting to see the evolution of the Fundraising Fundamentals call management software over the last few years. The changes have had a very positive impact on our telephone fundraising campaigns. The team are always willing to listen to our ideas and look for solutions to any difficulties we encounter. We have also been very impressed with the speed at which the improvements are implemented."

Faye Smith, Director of Regular Giving, University of Warwick

"The development of the software over the past few years has been absolutely stellar. The f2uni team have implemented small quality-of-life adjustments and big structural changes with equal enthusiasm and minimal disruption to our campaigns. It really feels like the developers and the clients are working together to create the best telephone fundraising software possible."

Sam Burdock, Annual Giving Officer, University of Warwick

"I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with f2uni over the last year. From an administrative perspective, the software is easy to use and enables me to spend more time with my callers and less time dealing with the software. We continue to work with f2uni to improve the system for both our administrative staff and callers, and they are very receptive to client feedback."

Becki Mckinlay, Head of Individual Giving, University of Oxford

"We found this software the ideal tool to support our annual giving programme. It is simple to learn and use which allowed us to make the move to utilising a team of student call room supervisors with the peace of mind that the integrity and quality of our data would be maintained. This simplicity is not at the cost of functionality, and the powerful and flexible analytical tools provided behind the scenes have enabled us to review our performance and make ongoing incremental improvements to our programme. The team behind the scenes are knowledgeable and respond to queries quickly. This software is certainly worth exploring if you are in the market for a telephone fundraising solution which doesn’t get in the way of the important activity – fundraising!"

Steve Knott, Alumni and Community Giving Officer, Nottingham Trent University

"Having worked with Fundraising Fundamentals for around seven years now, at three different universities in both the UK and Australia, it is easily my preferred software solution for running telephone fundraising campaigns; intuitive to use for student callers and administrators alike, it makes running campaigns efficient and detailed statistics allow staff to monitor, and speedily respond to, any issues with student caller performance. I continue to enjoy working with f2uni, who have made me feel more like a partner than a client, as we continue to drive advancements on the software forward, introducing new features and improving functionality through each new version released. Their customer service is excellent with timely replies to communications and requested updates turned around fast. f2uni continue to be a pleasure to work with."

Mark Downes, Manager, Annual Giving, University of Melbourne, Australia