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Fundraising Fundamentals is our Call Management Software for telephone fundraising. As a web-based solution you only require an internet connection and a browser to be up and running within minutes! It's flexible, fully customisable and the most comprehensive solution for your telephone fundraising needs! 

Our software incorporates the following features: 

Time Zones

We use geocoding to help you make the right call at the right time to any constituent, regardless of timezones.


Fundraising Fundamentals can be tailored to suit your needs. You can change the colour scheme to fit your brand, customise your reports, add your email templates, and much more!

Dynamic Reporting

Our fundraising software allows you to generate and view reports based on your specific data. It allows you to create and customise your charts based on your exact requirements.

DLHE (Destination of Leavers from Higher Education)

Fundraising Fundamentals can help your university conduct a more effective DLHE calling campaign whilst reducing the effort required. 


Dedicated software support is available via our online helpdesk, email or by telephone!  We are also happy to listen to your suggestions and requests  to adapt our product for your specific needs. 

User Groups

We hold offline user group sessions for Fundraising Fundamentals every year, to showcase new features, discuss system requirements and expectations. 


Fundraising Fundamentals contains data import and export functions making the transferring of data from previous campaigns or third party systems easy. 


We can provide training to help your campaign managers and callers get the best out of our software and maximise your return on investment! 

Data Security

The system is hosted at our UK based ISO 27001 data centre with comprehensive security measures against any type of harmful or malicious attack.

Call Allocation

Fundraising Fundamentals has a Dynamic Call Allocation Assistant that allows you to match callers and constituents based on a selection of criteria and information stored within the system. 

Payment Gateways

To speed up the fundraising process, we have integrated payment gateways which can be used by the caller whilst in a call with the constituent to confirm and complete any single gift donation.


With an internal messaging system, Fundraising Fundamentals provides the best environment for making sure the right information is given to the right people at the right time during a calling campaign.

Web Based

Fundraising Fundamentals is a web-based solution that is accessible via your web browser and requires no installation. All system upgrades will be undertaken by the f2uni team, keeping your solution up-to-date with new features.

Postcode Lookup

This prevents incorrect data being added to your database and allows your callers to correct any existing mistakes quickly and easily without the need to schedule additional calls to correct any errors.

BACS Lookup

This feature allows you to check if the details entered are correct whilst you are in a call with the constituent allowing you to immediately identify any errors.  This reduces the need for follow up calls and ensures that the correct information is recorded from the outset.